Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doakan saya...


I have been meaning to post on the Middle Earth adventure, but for the past one week, I have been nervous (seem to be using the word a lot lately).

The reason is, my window is up :D Its normal, after 5 years + here, the window will be opened, and we are allowed to apply for any other job opportunity, within the same company, of course. My mind was filled with job application.

And finally yesterday, I've finalized my applications. If I did not make it this time around, there will be another round of application in May, and another in September.

Jadi saya mohon ya mbak...doain saya ya... :) Makasih.....


  1. Hi Jeet, here's wishing you all the very best...good luck, and may the Force be with you.

  2. Jeet
    Insyaalah dipermudahkan usaha. Mudah2an berjaya (kalau dapat kena belanja setandan pisang goreng hehe).

  3. Aminnn.

    Yang ikhlas,
    Bukan Mbak.

  4. Jeet,
    Been waiting for a glimpse or two of Legolas, you know :D

    GOOD LUCK babe! Knowing you (tho only thru net :D), I know you're gonna nail it.

  5. Jeet, walau apa pun mbak doakan yg terbaik buat Jeet, insyaAllah, ada rejeki, adalah tewww...mbak selalu ketinggalan ketapi entry nona jeet, wahhh gitew ye practise company jeet, can apply for another post in the same company, is it not?

  6. uncle lee, thanks a lot, i like the obi wan kenobi spirit ;)

    CS,time kasih, setandan...? brp lama nak abiskan? hehehe...

    faiz, thanks ya pak...(lupa ada bapak-bapak juga yg bacain blog ini ;p )

    aida, legolas have to wait, tapi i promise you, i will get it done!! thanks for the vote of confidence :D

    ya mbak yong...sesama company pon kena apply, this is my second time, dolu yang first time (2-3 years back) kena tendang ngan member office sendiri for my first choice position, kali ni takut pisang berbuah dua kali (tapi xpe jugak ek..boleh bagi ke CS...huahuahua....)

  7. All the best, Azita! You can do it. Where do you target to go?


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