Sunday, February 19, 2012

After 14 years!!

I got a message on Thursday, from an ex classmate that is back on short holiday, asking if I can spare some time for a meet up. I immediately said yes :)

So on Friday, I got off work slightly early and nervously driving myself to Mont Kiara. Nervous, because I have never been there, and I was scared that I would either get lost, stuck in the jam or could not find the place and missed the opportunity to see her :P

But in the end, I got there on time and stayed there till quite late. 
L-R : Yours truly, Haniza, Hwei Yen, Jacob, Ee Von, Elphine
Meet my classmate from Form 2 and 3. Only the last girl on the right wasn't. She was in S, all of us were in H. 

These girls (apart from Elphine) were my study group for PMR :) We used to rotate houses on the weekend and study together. There was another one girl in the group but she could not make it.
I last met Haniza in UiTM, where we stumbled in an exam hall. Elpine was in the last 10th year reunion. Both Ee Von and Hwei Yen, I last saw them in school....that was 14 years ago!! Both of them are now doctors, Hwei Yen is getting married and Ee Von is expecting a second one.

Elphine, Haniza and I are still in the same boat :D. We had a good chat as Hwei Yen was pouring her hearts out on wedding stuffs and all. It will be a while till we can have a get together again...


  1. Seronok kan bila jumpa member2 lama. 14 tahun tu! Bila next reunion? 14 tahun lagi ke? :D

  2. seronok!! tak tahu la bila lagi bole jumpa..benda plan2 memang x jadik, short notice camni gak best ;)


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