Thursday, February 9, 2012

Postcard offer!!!

I promised to do this last time, so am doing it now :)
If you wish to receive postcard from yours truly, kindly leave your postal address in my mailbox by Monday an I'll be able to send from here. If later,I can still send but via PD's post office ;)
I'll be checking the blog on Monday!!
p/s: dieya, i lost all my phone rosak, so this goes to you too :)


  1. Pos poskad dengan Legolas sekali, buleh? Hehehe!

    1. alamakkkkk gua dah ketinggalan LRT lahhhh...

  2. aida, dah kirim poskad..legolas x jmpe ;( penat carik kat gunung ganang tu, x pe, next time ;)

    kak yong, saya dpt carik alamat dlm email, insyaAllah ada rezki sampai la tu ;)


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