Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day + 1 : the day I really did throw up, seriously!!

3rd Feb 
We took off from KL via LCCT. Air Asia-X is not really X. We endured the small space for an 11 hour journey, but hey, we made it safely ;) . 
Touched down at close to midnight in Christchurch. Called the hotel transfer (though its only like 5 mins walk) because we were too lazy to drag the bags..hehehe..
We spent the night at Sudima Hotel and took the rented car first thing the next morning.
4th Feb
The agenda for today is drive to Kokoura and watch the whale!! When we took off, I was the co-pilot, but the moment we hit the road, I immediately had car sick. I’ve always feel that way when I was not driving. I switched to seat at the back. We reached the tour company at 12pm. At this time I was having car sick already. Our tour was scheduled to check in at 12.45 pm and head to the sea at 1.15pm. The 1.15 check in was cancelled due to bad weather, so we just barely made it. I took some anti-nausea meds to keep the car sick checked.

The bus took us to the pier and we got on board. After some briefing, the ride begins. It was roller coaster ride that I felt took forever until they stopped. The sea was rough. The boat was hit left right and centre by the violent wave that at times got even higher than the boat itself. Some people started to throw up. I was sick at this point. The first stop, we went outside. Though the boat stop, the wave didn’t. The boat was rocking really hard and we were holding for our dear life to any available bars. The ship crew was trying to locate the Sperm Whale, to no avail. We got in back and after another 5 minutes ride, I had it, I took the white bag in front of me and threw out my whole stomach content. Everything came out, all of it!! Nothing left, even the meds must have came out.

They stopped for second time, but still could not locate the whale. They said it’s getting nearer. In the midst of the boat start and stop cycle, I fell sick again, but this time nothing more left to be thrown up. It was really sickening!! Now I understand how pregnant women feel, maybe what I experience is merely 10% of it.
They keep on looking for the whale, because it’s the company policy to provide refund if we could not see the whale. By the time the whale came out, I was too sick, I could not get up, and I just stayed at my place and yes, I missed the opportunity to see live the Antarctic Ocean Sperm Whale. I was listening to the commentary all along, how the whale moves, how he dives back till the moment they last see the tail.
After that, we head back and I thought the ride back was much faster and less rocky, or maybe by that time I was accustomed to it already? Hmm… who knows? We got back to land close to 4pm and this time we were dead hungry. Having emptied out my entire stomach content, I was famished. We stopped for grilled fish and chips, but I could not finish the chips. After some grocery shopping, we checked in the next hotel, the White Morph Inn. It is on the main road facing the sea, so after washing up, we decided to stroll along the rocky beach.
That night we had a good night rest that we so badly needed because the next day the driving would be almost the entire day. Next stop, Frans Josef, and the day did got better after sort of a sickening experience :)


  1. Yeay yeay yeaaaaaaaaay! The adventure story that I've been waiting for! Yuppie!

    Ok, first of all.. sorry to hear that you threw up during that boat trip (i hate throwing up). Eventho you were sick, but you didn't miss everything. You could proudly say 'Been there.. done that.' Eh? Hehe!

    11 hours flight? Sakit montot? :D

    The inn looks cool! Siap bawak nutella bagai? Hehe!

    Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Salam Jeet
    Dalam diam dia dah terbang ke NZ? Eeeehhhh..jeles (sebab dah lama berangan nak nengok whale or sedara maranya depan mata). You pun mabuk darat/laut? I pun.. tapi sejak tak berapa muda, mabuk darat/udara boleh dikawal. Mabuk laut is yet to conquer (macam tau2 aje akan mabuk lauk walhal lum tempuh lautan bergelora pun, hehe..).

    Cepat update dengan cerita ceritut selanjutnya ...

  3. aida, been there yes, done that tu macam dubios sikit la.. hehehe..most of the motel that we stayed in memang best. kitchen utensils semua lengkap. we only bought maggi from here. lain semua beli kat sana ;)

  4. CS, i memang mabuk dari kecik..hehehe..nik bas jauh sikit muntah..dah besar ni, kalo naik keta mahal dah siap pening, x jadi driver pon pening..susah betul..hehehe..

    ttuunnggguuu....episod selanjutnya ;)

  5. wowyyyy..jenjalan lagik ye Jeet, bestnya dpt gi NZ, sian plak ekau mabuk laut yerk??? eloknya muntah terus ke laut tu baru le si whale tu berlumba2 dtg! teheee... ok, nti sambung lagik citer perjalanan tu yerk, we will be waiting.


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