Friday, March 2, 2012

Day + 2 : the day we spend whole of it on the road

5th Feb 2012.

Early morning we left Kaikoura to head to Frans Josef via Greymouth.
day 1 and day 2 route
The driving was estimated to be ~7 hours, but we were delayed by some 5 hours, why? The route was so breath taking; we just have to stop and took pictures most part of the way. I will just let the pictures do the talking :)
we experienced traffic jam, new zealand style :P
I drove first and was greeted by these flocks of sheep. Seriously we were stuck, until some local drivers help us to clear the way, we were too scared to honk, scared to disturb the peace..hehehe..
This is the first of the many more beautiful scenic locations that we occasionally had to stop. I mean who can resist the clear blue sky?

We arrived at this lake around 3pm, Lake Brunner, and yes, we stopped again!!

We reached Greymouth around 5pm. The town was almost dead, only then we realized, its Sunday!! We did not get to check out the recommended places, and the best that we had was late lunch in McD :D

Since there was nothing much to be done, we head on to Franz Josef and later face another detour ;)
This was at 8pm!!
The water was chilling, yup, I just had to dip in :)
This is the first place that I can relate to middle earth, the blue waters, the luscious green, and I don't know what the three pillars are, but it does look rustic!!

We lost track of time, and next thing we know, it was almost 9pm. By this time we are some 30 minutes away from the motel of the night.
We finally reached the motel by 9pm. The lady at the front desk almost call it a day :P
I super love the kitchen, facing mountains, memang berinspirasilah nak masak ala-ala Anna Olson dalam fresh tu..hahaha..
dengan gigihnya menyusun paket gula ni..menarik sangat!!!
After a long driving day, we tucked in at almost at 11pm, the temperature was <15 degC, though its summer, because we are really close to the glacier!! More about it in the next entry, mohon bersabar ya~~ ;)


  1. Jeet
    Memang 'tengah bersabarlah nih' (sambil urut2 dada) nunggu sambungan JJNZ.

    Masa trafik jem NZ style, nape tak 'kambing-nap' sekor?? :-)

  2. Jeet,
    Waaaaaaah! Jeet ada international driving license la yek? Mesti best kan? Caya lah!

    Kalo hangkut sheep tu sekor bubuh dalam kereta, gamaknye ada orang perasan tak?

    Serious cantek pemandangan sana. And the striking blue water! Canteeeeeeeeeeeeknye!

    Psst.. gula tu tapau tak? :D. And dah ada view cantek kat dapor tu, memasak tak? :D

  3. CS...tak berani nak 'kambing'-nap, sat lagi dok mengembek kat situ, x jadi berjalan kitorang ;)

    aida, rasanya kalo hangkut 5-6 ekor pon x luak, banyak bebenor, gula tu selamat sampai mesia...heheheh..kitorang masak....masak megi jer... :P


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