Friday, February 3, 2012

D-1: Series of events that makes me wanna vomit blood...

D-1 (2nd Feb 2012)

0550 : Woke up, took a bath, wait for Suboh. Start packing right away after that.
0700 : Go to work. Reach ~ 0720 start working on monthly report right away.
0830 : Dash into the plant, quick discussion with Ops
0900 : Back to my desk, more emails replied
0950 : Make way to local clinic, gotta replenish my meds stock
1015 : Run some last minute banking business
1030 : Pick up laundry
1040 : Back in office to handover duty
1100: Chair a meeting
1155 : Meeting ends, speed like a mad lady to Seremban
1225 : Got into Immigration office, confirmed my passport was not even close to ready!! There was like a gazillion people in the office. Buat muka nak nangis, ask for their help, I need my passport tomorrow morning, pronto!! An officer promised that they'll try to work on it, have to come back at 5
1300 : Mad lady episode 2 back to PD
1335 : Got into the office, managed to settle some stuffs
1410 : Enter another meeting, (sneak in and out in between to settle some stuffs)
1535 : Meeting ends, finally I can do some work.
1600 : Got a call from Immigration, was told to be there at 5
1630 : Pack things, told my SV I need to leave despite owing him one more thing. Promise to send him tonight
1700 : Dropped by the house, I accidentally left the GPS
1715 : Starts raining on the way to Seremban
1730 : Seremban is flooded, water came out of nowhere, major road flooded.
1740 : Finally made it to the Immigration Office, passport not ready yet, still have to wait.
1800 : Finally, its done. Make my way out, next stop KL
1810 : Took quite a detour, some roads in Seremban was just flooded!!
1830 : Enter PLUS. stopped at R&R Seremban, bought some pau to keeps the hunger pang controlled.
1930 : Reached KL
2030 : Made way to Low Yat
2115 : Frantically search that GPS kiosk!! Where is it?  I thought there were a lot of it!! Found one at the escalator, send to update map.
2200 : Done!! Ija told to meet at her office, follow her back to Bukit Jelutong
2245 : Stop for dinner (waktu ni memang dah nak muntah sangat..!!)
2330 : Reach Ija's house, clean up and start completing the work that I owe my SV 

D (3rd Feb 2012)
0130 : Emailed my SV on the ppt material
0220 : (Now).... update blog..

My life for the past few days has been drama. I sent my passport to be renewed in PD's office on Monday. They promised me 3 days (Wednesday) as they need to send to Seremban. I called on Wednesday morning, asked to call back after 2pm. When I called at 3pm, they told me the system has been down for the past two days, and they could not guarantee when I can get my passport!!! Rasa nak nangis OK, I need that passport Friday early morning, there is no freaking way I can go to any office to collect my passport :( Since they sent it to Seremban, I called Seremban's office, same answer, system down, passport not ready.

I was calling quite a few times since I was disconnected for a few times as well. Finally an officer asked me to go to the office on Thursday and they will try to work something out.
So, as mentioned above, that was how my Thursday goes~~

And today in few hours, I will be flying to the land of the middle earth, Legolas, wait for me!!!


  1. where r u heading???
    nak itotttt!!!!

  2. Jom Dieya kita packing bag sekali. Kita itot Jeet jom! Hehe!

    Dah sebut Legolas, nanti balik kena tunjuk tau gambornye. Tak kira!

  3. jom aida & dieya. moh kita itot Jeet!

    jeet - u pegi north island ka, south island????????????? we all nak itot u!!!

  4. Ladies..i dah kat south island ni..north island x masuk plan..kena plan ngan u ladies, we go for hobbit hunting ;)

  5. Hi Jeet, interesting post. You just stay easy and have fun.
    Keep well.
    Best regards.

  6. uncle lee, thanks, i had a good fun in nz, will share more later!!


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