Monday, January 30, 2012

Small Wins!!

Remember the kids? Yes, they have graduated. In fact, out of the two parts of Design Project (we have DP1 and DP2) to be completed, the triumphed in DP2. In order to promote healthy competition, the faculty announced a winning group at the end of presentation day. This is not based on the presentation itself, but also content of the whole project throughout. The kids won DP2 last year. I was in the middle of TA and could not make it to their presentation.

This year, I took on another group of kids and start consulting for them in this sem's DP1. I met them twice, helped them a bit with the project and I was scheduled to attend their presentation last Saturday, but due to some reason, I could not make it. This morning I saw in my inbox an email from one of the kids, they won DP1 last Saturday!!!

The small things that makes me happy :D I will still continue with them till they completed DP2.
I am one happy alumni today, I hope these kids will graduate and continue to become a better engineer than I am!! ;)


  1. tahniah.... hasil tunjuk ajar cikgu Jeet jugaa... mesti cikgu rasa bangga... depa takde abang single ke?

  2. Jeet, teruskan beramal.

    Hek eleh, Kak Tek - bab jodoh biarlah Jeet & Allah uruskan. Kalau ada sampailah nanti open invitation di blog dia ni. Kita tunggu je.


    1. kak ajar sket2 je..dorang yang tak tido malam buat sume tu..alamak.. yang ni lupa nak tanya, nanti next group, masa sessi ta'aruf, sy masukkan soklan tu skali ;)

      ahkak, tima kasih, ye, jgn risau, kalau ada seluruh dunia maya ni saya announce ;)


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