Monday, November 22, 2010

Call for the Future

I based my dreams on mostly TV series (movies too!! ). I watched Grey's Anatomy each and everytime I had the chance (read: shown on TV). Since Starworld is giving the solid 3 hr/week for them, you can say my Sunday nite is fully booked. One thing about Grey's is it never failed to cause me to shed a tear in every episode, even the tiniest drop, and yup last nite the waterworks just got bigger.

I hope (notice the present tense) to get a guy like Bill. But at the same time I fall for a guy like Karev many years ago. Two different personalities, is it possible to get in ONE guy? I always knew right from beginning deep inside, Karev is this caring person, despite his crude outlook. This is the episode where he is struggling to face the fact that Izzie left him by focusing on that tiny premature baby and it hits me the most. The way he was waiting for her to show up for her treatment, I mean who wouldn't melt seeing the emotions like that?

Last night, like any other time I watched Grey's, I was crying, laughing, and cried again, and if you asked me to put all this feelings in Spanish verb, I surrender.

Paging for Bill Karev, paging for Bill Karev.....


  1. Grey's fan in the house!! Hehe.. Just looking thru your blog. Bdw, Me likey grey's too. Honestly there so much to learn about life from that show right? but the tears part.. Sometime too hard too take it. Letih nangis.. Hehehe

  2. MM, hi-5!! ;)
    betul, sometimes bila dok tengok, nak je pause and write all the things they said on paper, mcm2 quote ade, and yeah..letih nangis...

  3. I watched a few episodes of Grey's this weekend too. Not a crazy fan, but what I like about it is it does give you good advice.

    Btw, why did Izzie leave? I know 8TV shows the more updated series.

  4. who's bill?
    ohhh... that bill! hahaha blur kejap!
    i did watch the 3 hour series last night, with exam notes in my hands.
    you'll definitely get your bill karev! i know you will!

  5. oh yang itu pujaan hati u jeet. moh esok i pegi tolong pinang kan...:P

  6. asma, izzie left coz she was fired , hospital went for merger due to economic recession. she was so pissed off at alex because he made a comment that she thought made her fired..biasala..drama..

    dieya, sempat lagi tu...last time i check u bukan amik paper medic kan? ;) i pon dolu2 studi depan tv..hehehe...

    maya, time kasih daun keladi.....yg lain sambung sendiri....;)

  7. Jeet,
    Alahai.. jeles dengo macam2 story dah jadi dalam Grey's. Dulu masa ikut mmg syahdu jek tau. Dok ingat lagik time bf Izzie meninggal dulu. Skang dah season baper ek?

  8. aida, dah season 6, kat espana dorang x follow ek?

    dok pikir kelam kabut hospital dalam bahasa espanol, kecoh gile kut...


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