Monday, November 29, 2010

Saya Belum Mampu...

I made it to this show yesterday. Nowadays I am easily infatuated by things from the neighbour (sinetron, songs, and yes, movie too). I picked up few DVD collection of Indon movie when I went to Bali last few years, and yes, they way they make the film differs from us, and I loike it.

I like this one more than Ayat-ayat Cinta. To me this has more content, more messages, lagi banyak hukum-hakam, sunnah, quote of hadith as compared to the former. There are few clever lines, that I would just love to quote here, but I miss parts of it, so it will not do justice for the writer. Am trying to get hold of the book now, see if I can still appreciate the story and content..

Basically the story revolves around...what else? Jodoh....Its a story of a guy who just completed his degree in 9 years while at the same time providing for his family. He upholds his Islamic value strongly and the two movies shows his route to finding the one. Moral of the story, kalau ada jodoh tak ke mana, but then again, this is all fiction. Yang benar datang dari Allah, but what I like about this movie, off and on it will refer back to hadith, sunnah and the need to put faith in Allah's hand be it whatever the situation is.

I came across this book recently, the cover is catchy (at least for me). I bought the book with the intention to learn something that I didn't know already. But it turns out to be quite a dissapointment. The book was written by a guy. I have nothing against guys giving advise to women, under certain circumstances, it is most welcome. The content are not properly organised and and a little bit haphazard. There is now flow of content as the book progressed. The writer dwells a lot on why these women are still single. We know why we are, but even if we don't, Allah knows best.

To me the book was supposed to provide guides from Islamic point of view (since the cover features a girl with hijab) to live our life till the day we meet the one. These guides are best to be supported by verses from Al-Quran, or hadith. He did mentioned some, but it was all too general and nothing that I have not known yet. 

The main reason I bought the book and yet remains the strongest part is the quote on the cover;

"Dan orang-orang yang tidak mempunyai kemampuan berkahwin, hendaklah mereka menjaga kehormatannya sehingga Allah memberi kekayaan kepada mereka dari limpah kurniaNya,"

(An-Nuur: 33)

p/s: tak bertemu jodoh lagi, kiranya belum mampu la kan ;)


  1. belum mampu.. hahaha.. that's a good way to put it!

  2. hahaha..kalau start pakai alasan ni, kena sedia press release, sure kena backfire, keja bagus, umur pon dah meningkat.etc..etc...(you'll know there is no end to these..)

    the press release tu kira blanket answer la, setiap kali orang tanya, bagi satu copy, boleh? ;)

  3. jeet, awok dah tgk tak Ketika cinta bertasbih? ada ke sambungan citer ia yg kedua eh?

  4. kak yong..dah tgk ;) yang dorang tunjuk tu marathon, 2-2 skali saya bedal, nak cari dvd punya la payah..xkan nak p indon kot semata mata nak beli ye? ;)


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