Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes, I did it again!!

I changed my blog template..again!!! From this lovely chirping bird...

Actually I wanted to find something that will enable me to post bigger picture, so I was searching high and low (seriously oblivious that I can do that via Blogger Design template..). Anyhoo...I tried uploading few but none caught my eye. I did gave up and revert to my previous template.

Can you see what's wrong? Main body (the post) is repeated once more and was put at the side bar. I could not delete that, and when I tried the blogger template, the double body post is still there, wth?

During the search, I found one particular template that I really loike!! The front page is simple yet cool. But there is 2 cons.

Nampak tak? apart from the messy page element, this is the most narcistic blog template ever. I could not customise the page element (bukan takat takleh customise, nak add in yang baru pon tak boleh...). If I imported the original template from scratch lagi la xde list ke apa langsung. They only have archive and labels. I kept the rest of the widget, hence we can still see some, but don't be suprise because everytime the page is refreshed, the widget moves around.. Kelakar la pulak...but since I love the main page so much, I decided to keep it until I found the one that I truly like and did not give me the double post (main body ) lagi.

And oh...I did not achieve my initial mission, that is to get template yang boleh letak gambar besar punya...hampeh!!


  1. Jeet,

    Hmm.. carik template buleh tepek gambo beso ke? Nak carik yang baper column?

  2. i nampak macam okay jek, just that i have to do addtional click to see the entire post. the old one buka main page dah nampak semua.

    looking forward to gambar besaaaaar punyaaaa!~~

  3. aida, ha'ah..kalo boleh nak yang 1 column, tapi main pagi cam yang ni, i think i found one already tapi x try lagi...

    dieya, saje nak bagi korang exercise jari sikit ;)


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