Thursday, November 11, 2010

Down Memory Lane...Shah Alam pt 2

On Tuesday after work around 6pm I made way to Shah Alam. Already had plans to meet these kids at 9pm to discuss on the final presentation for DP1. After check in the hotel, I went straight to my school (yes we call it school!!). The kids were waiting and I can see nervousness in them. After going through their slides, I made them present once, and along the way I corrected few that I think would be relevant.

I gave them few pointers and also shared my pet peeves when it comes to presentation (things like pointing with finger, definitely a big NO). I can see there are few other groups that is getting ready as well. And my group's slide is only like 50% finished. Am a bit worried though, but I left at 11.30pm, still need my sleep right? ;) Stopped by Seksyen 2 to buy I was waiting for my Nasi Goreng Pattaya, I texted few classmates.

"Salam, aku kt Shah Alam ni, volunteer jadi co-sv bdk design project,br abis discussion grp yg aku handle,sok dorang present,aku kt sek2,beli makanan ni,nostalgia betul....."

It was nostalgic, for UiTM student, sek2 is the main place for our food supply, and yes the daging merah that comes with nasi goreng pattaya still tasted the same!! could not get it anywhere else ;)

Some of the reply that I get :

E-kin: Asal ko ttiba tjebak jd volunteer ni? Ai,mmgla nostalgia....

Eza: Slm,wah bestnya.aku pon windu gila zaman belajar dulu...

Nisah (my groupmate for DP) : Yea ke? aku trkjut dpt msg ko. Mcm mana budak skrang buat design? aku dulu ingt lagi tumpg Hirda (another groupmate) naik skuter g kolej ko. dkt pg baru balik...

P-jal: mmg nostalgia....especially kalo esok ko gi skul jln kaki, pastu sampai je org wat ppt ko wat pose 'main snuker'!! Hahahaha.... 

Umai: bangat! Aku rindu ms kt uitm. rindu kt environment dia...kalo dpt rase smula ms dl kn best ek..g kelas, mkn reramai...huhuhu...

I reached UiTM next morning at around 8 am. Went to school, saw the presentation schedule. Few familiar names on the panel. (Now they have Dr. with their names!!). First group start at 9am. The kids will be presenting at 11.30am. At first I was not in the panel, as I RSVP quite late, but upon seeing me, my lecturer Cik Noni, asked me to be in (she only taught me one class, yet she still remembers me (+my name)!!)

While waiting for the presentation to start, I tried to find those names that sees me before as this sleepy head with 'snuker pose' , who used to wear torn jeans to class and somehow managed to graduate. I went to their room but they were not in. I even bumped into my SV for DP and yes, he remembers me as well!! 

Later, I hang out at the foyer, where everybody is. One by one familiar faces came by. Our batch is among the first few batches, so most of the lecturers that I knew are the one that started their teaching as our class being the first student. And they still remember me + my name!! I don't know whether to feel flattered or to be overwhelmed.

I went in at 9am to be part of the panel. My group is the third group, the first two groups are OK, definitely their slides are better than what the kids showed me last night, now I am getting nervous!!! I slipped out during Q&A of the second group, had a chat with the kids who are anxiously waiting outside. Gave some last minute pep talk and off we went.

All in all they did well. All of them answered the questions posed, with at least some level of confidence, I was suprised by some of the answers given. They actually fare off better than I thought that they would, and I am proud of them ;) and I will be with them still for DP2!!

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  1. baguih no ahdik ahkak sorang ni... banyak pahala dapat aaaa... untung wat menantu...

    psst... hang nya template ni wat kaktek poning daaa...

  2. ala...kak tek, jgn ckp malu taw...!!!!
    (gaya gadis melayu terakhir...hahaha...)

  3. chica.. awat tak balas e-mail i.. balas laa.. balas laa..

    i'm skipping this saturday's class. kalu abang ladis bagi pesanan penaja bgtau eh!

  4. with encouragement, we become more motivated and confident, kan?

  5. kak tek, saya dah tukar, sbb xnak bagi akak pening :)

    dieya, sudah balas ;)vale, no problemo

    maya, yes indeed, i learnt something from them too!!

  6. Jeet,
    Wahh.. bagus sungguh! Bagus that everything went well :)

    Memang nostalgia bila gi tempat2 yg kita slalu gi time studi dengan kawan2. Rasa macam nak go back in time and live those moments again.

  7. aida, betul...once in a while we should reminisce all the memories, so as not to forget where we came from ;)


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