Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Have I Done..?

I just received a call from  a final year student, basically my super duper junior. Her intention is to get to know me and get advise on their ongoing project. We set up a meeting during this coming weekend. Suddenly I have this butterfly in the stomach thingy..I feel nervous, scared that I am not what they expect me to be. What have I done?

Falshback 2 months before, my ex-classmate, now a lecturer at my alma mater UiTM asked us a bunch of 'engineers' to volunteer being an allied supervisor to final year student. For engineering student, we did not produce thesis for our Degree, we have our final project that require us to built either a petrolchemical or oleochemical plant, from scratch...

So supposedly, we are the bunch of 'experienced' engineers will be able to give some insights on all these plant design and operation etc....So me being the forever volunteer (I don't know, since school days, I tend to volunteer in lots of things..I guess it becomes a habit..) eventhough I know I am not really a good engineer to begin with. Hence they assigned this group of students to me ;p

So come weekend, I have to face these young, up and coming engineers, probably put some straight face, confidently answer their question (or at least try to..)...
bole ke bagi nasihat camni?

p/s: my time we did not have this allied SV thingy, coz we are among the pioneer batch in the course, so not so much of industrial connection, so I basically have no clue what the uni is expecting of me...kuang..kuang..kuang.... 
Or I can just help them to 'edit'.....bole?


  1. Jeet,

    And that's the reason why I never volunteered :D

    But hey, it's normal to feel like that, so don't worry and get nervous (hmm.. coming from somebody like me, uh?). I bet once you guys start talking and get into the subject, things are gonna be fine. Maybe they won't even get the chance to ask questions, coz you could even answer just by looking at their faces. :)

    * nanti gi pakai boots ke site tuh tak? bebudak tuh mesti tak de :D

  2. heek... akak ingat aida tulis *boobs*.... rupanya boots.... heh... poser.. akak kurang kalsium daa...

    dari pengalaman akak yg dah masuk seploh tahun jadi desperate housewife ni kan.... err...relevant tak relevant?
    just share your working experience... apa yg kita apply .. yg basic-basic tu kerja depa cari sendiri...


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