Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm a Gleek ;)

I may never say it, but I am now!! I love GLEE!! so very much ;)

too bad they do not have the video for this one ;(

another favorite ;)

I am so digging the season finale, heck the whole season, can watch and listen to them over and over again ;)

p/s: not that I just watch it, just that never blogged about it ;)


  1. hey u changed ur blog name! i wanted to change mine together with cat baru hari tu, but suddenly rasa nostalgic pulak.. coz i've used it since friendster days.. so tak jadi tukar.. hahaha!

  2. i love glee too and proud to say i am a gleek! the songs are awesome and love how they ended with to sir with love. but, my favourite will always be don't stop believing

  3. dieya: demam glee punya pasal..suka gile mr schue and puck nyanyi lagu ni ;)

    kak liza: i like all but those yang ada chenoweth not so much, somehow, tak masuk je character dia, but still i love them all ;)

  4. * setuju dengan Dieya.. dah tuko nama blog ye? :D

    My younger sister pon suka bebenor Glee. Dia cakap best giler! I still haven't have the chance to download and watch any tho.

  5. aida: saje gatal..asik tgk name yang same 2-3 thn..nasib baik, tukar nama sdr susah, nak naik turun pejbt pendaftaran bagai..kalo tak dah tukar jugak..:)

    tgk la glee, best, cite budak2 je pon, tapi the life values tu yang best nak tgk, and the songs are good too!!


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