Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan memories

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Its another Ramadhan, a chance to redeem ourselves, grab all the opportunities to be closer to the maker. Used to be its all about 'makan'. When I was young, my mum used to make all sorts of kuih, me and my sisters will be the messengers, running up and down the flats, trying to deliver most of it to the neighbours. On certain days we just pushed the dish to each other sebab dah penat lari turun naik, to the point we keep track sape yang tak hantar lagi....kids..;)

First time away from home, I was in uni, iftar with friends was a new experience, tambah lagi lauk yang kureng...(the company that makes it all worth it). We have to tapau lauk sahur at some 1-2 in the am, or wake up at 5am, walk to the dining and eat there. Lucky for me, my roomates was the type that could not missed a meal, so I have friends in the wee hours.

When I started working here, we gather all the singles and go to the bazaar together, even rotated as to whose places we are going, but sometimes you just could not avoid buka puasa sorang2. Which reminds me, there is one time, I have already promised another girl nak buka puasa sesama. She was stuck in the office and asked me to buy her some foods, and decides later on where to eat. It turns out she was working with this dude R, a weekend hubby (meaning not staying with the wife) and he ask us to join him and another colleague, Z (who is also a weekend hubby) for iftar. So we went to Z's place.

Buka puasa, makan, everything normal, then we went back home solat and all. After that only then I realized, if ever (god forbid) orang buat serbuan waktu tu, sure kitorang kena cekup berkhalwat dengan suami orang..serious!! Hahahaha... thinking back we sure never really considered that ;p

Starting from last year, I have a housemate ;) so most likely I am not alone. New resolution, not to spend too much on food for iftar. I know hotels in KL is booming with Ramadhan buffet promo, and I used to be the one that went out looking for these as well, but worth to ponder, is our ibadat as much as what we spend on iftar? (ade yang terasa ngan statement aku ni..hehehehe..)

So Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan people, semoga Ramadhan kali ini makin bererti buat kita, insyaAllah...

p/s: suke tengok Upin & Ipin berpuasa.. :)


  1. kalau laa u n ur fren kena tangkap dgn laki org time bulan puasa.. that would me one MASSIVE scene!

    jangan buat pasal miss jeet, there r so many single men out there for you to berkhalwat with :-D

  2. dieya: tu la pasal...mase tu mmg tak rasa bersalah langsung, balik rumah baru terpikir..i guess mmg xde niat nak buat jahat tu yang xde pape..

    p/s: xnak la kena tangkap khalwat ngan sebarang single, kena screen dulu boleh? ..hehehe...

  3. dik jeet....
    akak pesan ni...
    bolan poser ni jangan sekali-kali ko tepek gambo bazar ramadhan.....
    akak smackdown kang....

    selamat berpuasa...

  4. * setuju dengan statement Ahkak! (sambil tunjuk taring aka gigi kacip dengan ganasnye) :D

    Selamat berpuasa dan menyambut Ramadan ye!

  5. ahkak & aida... ala...baru nak eksen bole pi bazar..
    xpe, x tempek gambo bazar, nanti di kesempatan lain (macam tulih kad raya pulak..) akan ku tepekkan gambo sambal petai & kicap kipas udang..hahahaha (gelak dengki..) :p

    selamat berpuasa ;)

  6. Adoi la! Jangan dirobek2 hati ku ini dengan menyebut sambal petai itu! Wawawawa!

  7. bulan posa org masuk court pasai takposa,
    hang masuk court pasai khalwat.


    masa bujang2 dulu ni, my gfs kerap gak bailed me out, p bukak posa last minute dgn bf depa..

    with or without them, perut perlu diisi dong


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