Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Field of Diamonds

I had this in my mailbox, as usual, this friend of mine (Asma) never fails to amuse me, she did not read my blog, but thought that it would be good to share it here :


This morning I had a very delightful chat with my friend Mr Venezuela.

He told me he was happily married for 35 years. That in itself is older than most of us. I remarked how young he must have been when he married to have 35 years with his wife. And then, as most parents or in his case grandparent, decided to give me advice:

Asma, when I met my wife, I knew she was a diamond. She was a rough diamond. I wanted to polish her and make her perfect for me. The trouble with youngsters these days, they want to meet someone who is already perfect. Someone who meets all their criteria. They don’t realize that nobody is perfect. You have to work very hard to keep something, to mould something, to educate and nurture something to be perfect. Like diamonds. They are in its original form, carbon. They are raw. With a kazillion years of heat and pressure, they turn into diamonds. And still, they are still raw. You have to wash, polish, put in on a ring. Then it’s perfect.

(Ok I added that last 2 sentences. LOL)

He reiterated to yours truly: You have to find the raw diamond. Find the potential. Together you both work at being perfect.

Asma: I do look for raw diamonds.
Mr Venezuela: Asma, you need to differentiate between raw diamonds and a fool’s gold. Do you know what a fool’s gold is?
Asma: An idiot’s gold….*chuckle*
Serious looking Mr Venezuela: Be serious.
Bored Asma: Alritey. Fake gold.
Mr Venezuela: Yes, it’s gold that looks like gold but really isn’t. It’s people who appear perfect but really are not.
Now I have a story to tell you.

Asma: It’s not bedtime yet *chuckle*
Mr Venezuela: Asma…
Asma: Ok ok go on
Mr Venezuela: There once was a man who was rich. One day he went to see a fortune teller. The fortune teller predicted that he will find a lot of diamonds. So he searched in many continents. Spent all his money. He found no diamonds. He then passed away. The fortune teller came looking for him. Instead, he found the rich man’s son working the family field. When he asked the son whether the father had found his diamond, the son replied no. Suddenly, the son’s watchamacallit (I forgot what tool he was using) hit something. Upon digging, he uncovered carbon. Do you know what I’m telling you?

Asma: The diamond was in his backyard all along.
Mr Venezuela: Exactly. See Asma, sometimes we search the world to find the perfect person, the perfect job, the perfect everything. Sometimes it’s right under our noses.

Asma: But I don’t have a yard…KIDDING! So what happened to the son?
Mr Venezuela: He became one of the biggest diamond manufacturers or something .

Asma: I get your point. Thanks. The only thing in front of me right now is my PC monitor and under my nose is my keyboard. That isn’t really what I was looking for…
Mr Venezuela: Asma…


1) Find the raw diamond
2) Mould it with patience & heart
3) Don’t be duped by a fool’s gold
4) Don’t have to look far, it may be right in front of you


My reply to her : Alaa......susah...I need to get myself a rough diamond detector….even for the closest diamond, I wouldn’t know how to tell ;p

p/s: thanks for sharing :)


  1. babe.. nnt bagi i pinjam diamond detector tuh ek. pls get a portable one, senang dibawa ke mana2, so we can go diamond-detecting around the world!

  2. hahahaha..tgh google kat e-bay and amazon.com ni..carik x jumpe2 jugak..susah betul, detector pon x dapat inikan diamond,

    macam jauh je....tolonngg... ;p

  3. oooo adik-adik kaktek ni dah gatai nak tawen ek....
    kaktek dulu pun tak cari...dia mai sendiri..err.. takyah ler citer kisah lama kang start syok sendiri panjang dari entri ko ni haa...

    apapun, solat hajat je kalau jumpa diamond... err..kalau jumpa diamond bebetui, gadai tu jgn lupa share ngan kek tek...tak baek kaya sengsorang tau....

  4. ala kak tek..kasik la can kitorang nak anak mpatblas cam ahkak..citer la kisah lame, sy suka bc cerita hidup orang lain, mcm bace buku cite pon ade gak ;)

  5. ko nak dengar citer tang mana?
    tang time dapat diamond ka..
    tang dunia eden yg punya nak naik pelamin ka..
    time tak tido malam anak nak susu tapi diamond sedap berdengkur ka..
    time diamond bebuat tak reti basuh berak anak ka..
    time kuar mpat kepala dari perut kaktek tapi diamond manjang kata tak cukup kuota ka..
    time diamond yg dulu selim la ni kaktek kena ngadap perut boroi dia sampai bebila ka...

    publisher mana nak publish buku kaktek ni ha??!!


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