Monday, August 23, 2010

Waka-waka Saga episode 1

I guess it’s high time for me to share what has happened that sparks this.
This is only intended for non random people. Let me know and I’ll give the password. (Sorry Dieya, copied your strategy as I really feel that this is a private post) :)
Beware this is super duper at your own account..jangan muntah sudah..;p

I tried posting as a whole, but it was just too messy and I myself could not read what I write, so all passwords are the same...

So now, we are halfway through the must swear on your life not to leak this, especially to the people named in the post..please...

To be continued...


  1. oit.. copied my strategy but didn't give me the password! cehhh... marah laa ni!
    you better e-mail it to me before i turn green.. i buat u jadi lauk nasi ambeng karang!

  2. alamak dieya..the script buat hal la..camne u buat ek last time? tgh troubleshoot ni...mintak tunjuk ajarku sifu...

    tarik nafas...hembus..

    btw, you bole buka sampai ke password box tu ke?

  3. ahh.. now i know what the prob is, all your paragraphs bercampur aduk kan? happened to me too when i did it that time. what you need to do is to put this < d i v > < / d i v > (sila remove the spaces in between, i terpaksa letak bcoz if not i can't publish this comment) between the paras. that's the most canggih thing i know, tak tau laa if there's better solution than that.

    looking forward to the next episode.. hopefully i don't need to key in it the password banyak2 kali lepas ni.. anti-climax laa babe ;-p

  4. dieya: done ;) thanks for the ade bakat join aida jadik IT consultant..hehehe..

  5. Girls,

    Nih edisi terlewat nih (memang lewat pon, kul 2.11 am dok baca Waka waka) :D

    Ok, now I'm putting the pieces together. *off to read the 2nd part*

    * saya amatur tau, nak bubuh password kat entry pon tak tau. huhu!

  6. uiks ni mesti tak tido sampai sahur..thanks sebab sudi baca ;)


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