Thursday, January 15, 2015

To Golf or Not To Golf?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

I am very bad at networking. I can be in the same room with some very big shots and high flyers and yet I could not even strike a conversation with them, unless they started it first and if they are really good at it. Then I can get along. Most of the time I can only pass the pleasantries, and then that's it. Its hard for me to engage all these big shots as I do not have common interest with them. Here, its the same thing. I have easy access to two GMs every week during the fun run, but did I bond with them? No I did not...wasted.

Why do I want to connect with all these people in the first place? To survive of course!! With the tough O&G market now, we don't know what might happen. I've heard from my ex-colleague, when I was applying for this job, my name was mentioned or referenced to somebody in Qatar. I have no contacts in Qatar, and maybe its my rizq (or sheer luck) that I have good words put on me that I managed to secure this job. But how many times can I rely on luck to land me a job. I have to do something.

It started late last year when during lunch, one of the Dutch expat was strongly pushing me to take up golf. And I fell right to it. The ideas keeps coming back after that. Yes, its a good networking tool. When I told WK about taking up golf, his remark was I beat him into this.

To me its not about beating anybody to anything. To me this whole working life is a game, its not a competition, because if it is, I would loose over and over again. I am not really that good, I know there are many other talented people, better than me. I am treating these whole thing (working life) as a game, and I merely wants to survive the game till I decide to step out of the game.

To stay in the game, you need to be involved. And for now the next part of the game, is enhancing my network and connection, since I am not a natural born people person (I am selective with whom I can get along, and I could not fake it), golf is the next best tool for me.

I don't even consider golf a sport, a mind games probably. A sport is something that can bring your heart rate to a certain minimum level, and I doubt golf can do that. Well, maybe it can, I had high heart rate by just watching a football game, and I was sitting on a couch..hehehehe..

Regardless, I would not count it as my exercise, its going to be my networking tool. Lets see how I survived the golfing thing :)

Meanwhile, these are pictures from last week, I hosted the first fun run of the year. Only 9 of us in total. On normal week, around 25-30 people would turn up. Most of the people were still on leave last week, but this week should be more, glad that I have done my bit, as the year gets busier, I will not be able to host as much as I want.

Till next time, wassalam.

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