Monday, January 12, 2015

Freedom of Speech

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Islam and Muslim has again been put under the limelight, and this time by the stupid (mind my language) Kouachi brothers who takes matters to their own hands when they attacked the Charlei Hebdo HQ (where they publish the cartoon that mock Rasulullah SAW) and massacred police and civillian alike. Not long after that, another episode of terror happened in Paris, making the impact of the attack even more severe.

Today, Paris held a rally to demonstrate solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and people all over the world (at least around Europe) also held the same rally, shouting for Freedom of Speech. What is freedom of speech? Can you just say anything about anyone? Really? I don't think so.

Charlie Hebdo has produced the satire that mocks Rasulullah SAW, and they even mocked the monarch, the Christians and any other things that they fancy. So when all these people go on those rally, and carrying out the banner, fighting for freedom of speech, does that means these people are fighting for vulgarity? foul languages? mockery? Is that what today's world has become?

Its sad...when people are condoning foul languages out in the open. I pity the cartoonist that died, but there are not innocent either. If they choose a more respectful way to critic in their work, it would not lead to this event. Every action has a cause, what are the cause of all these? Its purely uncalled for provocation. While I condemn that magazine and what their products are, I 200%  do not condone killing them.

"I do not know of single (XXX words not clear) in the whole world of whatever mazdhab, of whatever methodology or theology who says that a lone Muslim, anywhere in the world can become judge, jury and executioner. and just go and start killing people and rampaging, this is especially in a land that never claims to be rule in the laws of Islam."

As Sheikh Yasir Qadhi rightly said, what Charlie Hebdo is fighting for is not freedom of speech, rather, its freedom to insult Islam. 

Wallahua'lam. Till next time, wassalam.

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