Monday, October 7, 2013

I did it!!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

After reading the book in the previous post, now I know a thing or two about getting a property (at least a little bit more than before.) So yes, I did not settle on chenta hati (oh pool...). I did looked after few more units after that, and I concluded that I am only going to buy from a developer. The unit that I looked at Koi Kinrara was on sub-sale (chewah..dah tau pakai term ni..) hehehe...Hence the price is way much more expensive. There are so many other things that I need to learn and consider if I want to buy a sub-sale unit.
Alhamdulillah hari tu tak ikut hati sangat.

I finally settled on something that was off my spec, per square feet wise and little bit off on the price as well. I hope it will work well for me. Once I get my loan approved, I'll share more on which unit that I finally decided on. About the strategies in the book, the writer did extensive research before buying a unit, and he worked hard on making sure that he gets the unit rented, he monitors all that very closely. For now I could not afford to do that. Hidup masih agak tunggang langgang, not at least until I get my final date for transfer. Therefore, I might opt to do 'flipping' instead. In order to that, I have to make sure the developer is someone that is reliable with a proven track record. InsyaAllah this one that I picked is alright.

This few weeks of experience, house hunting, learning about the game, how people invest in property, potential issues in buying houses has broaden my horizon. It feels new to me. I have bought a house, the one in SP, but at that time I took everything lightly and I think Allah helps me a lot. The developer was some big company in the north and they did not do hanky panky business. At that time I did not even do any research about them, let alone checking the track record. What was on my mind at that time, is to buy a house, that's it. I could have easily been tricked, but I didn't.

But seeing the market these days, how many construction gets halted, I have to be careful. For now, satu ni dulu la...tak berani nak ambik risiko lagi :) Till next time, daa..


p/s: project status at 16.5%..bolehlah..syok sendiri took me two weeks to get from 10% to 16.5%..hahaha.... :D

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