Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 4 : The day we were a-maze-ed and puzzled

7th Feb 2012 (You are one post away from the highlight of my trip :) !! )

We woke up and get ready for todays activity, but first we just need to spend some time on the lake (mesti!!)
Lake Wanaka

Local people's house I guess at the background :P
After a short photography session by the lake (I insisted 15 minutes only...hehehehe...) We make way to our next pitstop, the Puzzling World of Wanaka!!

The cafe area at the entrance. All tables are equipped with puzzles..

Kaleidoscope ceiling
 There was a room with all these faces on the wall, those faces are of some famous figure, such as Mother Theresa and Albert Einstein. They were made and mounted on different angle such that when we look using one eye and goes around the room, we will see as if the faces were following us.
U follow me or I follow you?
Next was the tilted room, the room was built at certain angle, such that when we stepped in, we will be leaning forward due to gravity but at the same time stepping on the tilted floor.

The water flows upstream!!
Up next is the False Perspective Room,

Me the hobbit!!

Ija the hobbit!!

both humans ;)
After fooling around inside, we decided to head on outside, to the great maze !!

Me no cheat...hahahaha....
We made it to all the four corners, but took longer time than 1.5 hours, siap sesat-sesat lagi....hahahahaha....

Pukul berapa datuk harimau?
As if camwhoring inside the puzzling world is not enough, we have to take it outside ;) they have this leaning clock structure that invites people to take all kinds of deceptive shots

Macam kuat nak tahan ni...!!!
That's a lot of weight carried on a shoulder :P
 Up next is my highlight of the adventure...stay tunnneeeddddd........ :D

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  1. Wah! Best nye! Nampak sungguh exciting and fun! So bilik yang bergambor jadi hobbit tu, just because of the angle ke?


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