Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still on day 3 : lunch and next destination

Since I have given up the idea of making collage out of all the pictures, maybe I can finish the Middle Earth much faster....hehehehe...I wish!! So expect loads of pictures and less words (sama tema kita ye Cik Aida? :P)
After the hike, we got back to the guiding company and we were famished. Since Franz Josef is a small town, there were not a lot choice for lunch. We settle in Cafe Neve, and ordered some large serving of seafood pizza and salmon sandwich.
The whole town is just one main road, seriously. Opposite the cafe was the guiding company.
Of course we did not finished the meal.....tapau..!!
Malaysia's lowest RON is 95, we no longer have 92. Are we moving too fast? 
After fueling up, we head to our next destination, Wanaka. Estimated time to reach there was 4 hours, but as always, we got there much later :P
Going a bit south and to the middle now
There were quite a lot of look out point along the way. We just have to stop and take pictures. :D 
This one is at Knight's Point
The water...makes me wanna jump in!! Nasib baik tak pandai berenang :)
First glimpse of Lake Wanaka area
We thought we are getting there, but we were actually quite a fair bit further from the original destination. Little did we know that Lake Wanaka is the 4th largest lake in New Zealand. The area covered was 192 km2 (compared to KL, area covered 243 km2). The whole lake kecik sikit je dari KL..hahahaha... we almost did not see the end of the lake, it was as far as the eye could see.

 We did stopped at few points to take pictures of course!! My travel buddies were obsessed in getting the 100th perfect FB profile pictures that at times I was soooo irritated. But anyhoo...layan je la...this shot was taken by yours truly, it was windy and despite the fact that its messy, I like it ;)
gambar profile FB ke 125!!
Throughout the drive, Lake Wanaka was always on our right. Suddenly we were greeted with the same breath taking view on our left. At first we thought it was still Lake Wanaka, but it was actually Lake Hawea.
We finally reached Wanaka around 8pm. Check into the hotel, but this time around no cooking facilities, but no sweat, we still have loads of leftovers from lunch ;)
View from the room, that is the end of Lake Wanaka
The rest of the hotel
We crashed to a good night sleep, though Wanaka is a bit hotter (compared to Franz Josef)


  1. aiyoyo Jeet, banyak pulak back entries yg i tertinggal. nnti i kasik khatam asap yea!
    also - the pics are all gorgeous!

  2. Cantiknya.. Hotel surrounded by the craters and the lake. Bangun pagi tgk pemandangan indah. Makea me wanna go holiday NOW!
    100th profile pic tu yg messy lagi rambut menggerbang tuh laa cun, natural gitu!

  3. Jeet.... lawanya scenery kt lake ni...posing sana-sini pahtu hari2 tuko profile pix pun tak per ngehngeh... mmg gorgeous pemandangan alamnya, jgn lupa email kt akak bajetnya tu yerkkkk..
    p/s : itu pizza dia letak avocado ke kt toppingnya tu? thus reminds me of sebijik avocado yg ada dlm esbok kt umah, gatal tgn membeli tp tatau nak wat apa

  4. Jeet,
    CANTIKnya kawasan tu! Tak tau kenapa tapi bila tengok all those pictures, dok rasa tempat tu tenang and aman damai jek :D

    Time berenti tu tak de celup2 kaki dalam air ke?

    And hey, I like that shot too. So neat!

    ps: yup, tema sama.. sebab kalo tak, memang tak post langsung :D

  5. maya, xpe..bak kata yong manman lai...hehehe..:D

    dieya, am sure you are on your planning mode already!!

    kak yong, tasik dia x puas pandang, keliling tasik...serious cantik sgt, budget tu nanti sy email ye ;) sorry lambat sikit.

    aida, takleh celup kaki, takut jatuh, xde lifeguard nak rescue...hahaha..


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