Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still a Gleek!!

I have not been following Glee like I did in the previous season. Tonight, I am reminded again why I love these kids so much :D
Maybe its them, or maybe I just have a soft spot for The Jackson's material, perhaps, maybe both :)

And while we are on this road, might as well share this one more time, I think I shared it before, but what the **** :P

Its the group week, my two favorite of season X (can't remember, don't bother to google even...)  Matt and Kris :)


  1. Hi Jeet, I have never heard of or about them before.
    Guess I am behind times, ha ha......
    Ask me about Elvis, saya tau.....
    Have a nice day.

  2. tak boleh tengok.. kenapa tak boleh tengok...
    nak kena dtg lagi skali nih

  3. uncle, these kids are quite famous at us, maybe some youngsters in your neighborhood can recognize them :) elvis pon ok what? timeless :D

    dieya, these are from youtube, ye ....sila dtg balik ;)

  4. jaman kaktek ni dah takleh dengar muzik.. kepala jadi serabut..
    adakah itu petanda...
    makin matang?
    makin comei?
    atau makin vogue?


    ps/ masih takleh romen kt umah maya... dah majuk.


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