Saturday, July 23, 2011

Its a new thing ;)

I have found a new thing, something that I can do!! Though not from scratch, I am liking it. As we gearing towards Ramadhan, the committee at work tasked me to come up with promotional posters. So I did some surfing and found some that I like. Thanks to the magic of www, I managed to come up with these:
Plagiarized from this site
 And another one:
Tiru bulat-bulat dari sini...
 Well....I don't think I can quit my day job yet. One simple step, I took like to 2 hours to figure out, then I consult the great Master  : You tube....hehehe....voila, done in less than 2 minutes..ddduuhhh.....


  1. kaktek suka sangat yg first poster... rasa macam insaf je....
    nanti buat advertising kampeni sendiri, diskaun adik gebadik yea untuk kaktek...

  2. Hi Jeet, they're very nice. I like the second picture, looks antique, like an old parchment. Nice.
    Ramadan coming soon....means puasa time.
    You have a nice day.

  3. kak tek..boleh..kak tek nak advertise ape? ;)

    uncle lee, credit to the original designer, i was merely plagiarizing it :P, yes, puasa and many more, you have a good day too!! :)

  4. i like the 2nd poster. nampak lagi rustik.
    wah syok nyer ramadhan is coming!

  5. I like the second one too. Bagus juga ofis Jeet buat 2 kali seminggu tu, kita kt sini wat tazkirah dlm sekali je dlm seminggu lebih kurang, anyway, dah terasa semaraknya Ramadhan nih!

  6. Jeet,
    Berseni sungguh dia ye? Saya suka benor the 2nd poster tu. Ala rustic gitu :D

  7. maya, ramai afundi poster tu jugak :O

    kak yong, alhamdulillah sambutan last year menggalakkan, so berani la nak buat twice a week :)

    aida, ha'ah..berseni, kat part plagiarism palingla berseni..hehehe... :P


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