Tuesday, July 19, 2011

C27-Something that you could never get tired of doing

Definitely knitting, without a doubt. I may not be able to make a decent garment yet (see when we can get rid of the YET), but as I said before I'd die trying. :D

I know I have been owing quite a handful of people, and I am slowly working my way to it. Somehow this week I managed to come up with this cutie. Now it is on its way to the rightful owner. Hopefully by the time it reaches her, it fits her nicely :)

yet another booties
 More projects to come....bigger probably? :P


  1. Hi Jeet, thats real pretty, cute. Love the colours.
    But won't it be warm for tiny feet? Ha ha.
    Not bad....not many women can knit. Outstanding, Jeet!
    Have fun.

  2. ya rabbi,.... comeinya yang...
    tapi kaktek dah stop expansion... rugi...rugi...

  3. Jeet,
    Hey, you're back with the challenge! :D

    Mak aaaaaaaaaai.. kiut nye! Pink kaler lagik tau! Hehe! Market untuk lil people je ke? Hehe!

    Psst.. Kak Tek order la untuk menantu. Jeet kan banyak projek nak kena siapkan. By the time siap, perfect timing untuk kenduri.
    (ampun naaa Jeet *lariiiiii! :D)

  4. Wehhh lawanya, kiut miut kasut tu, pandainya kamu knitting2 bagai ni Jeet, musti artistik orgnya nih, klu akak kalu, jahit kain terkoyak pun sub kt Pak Eh, mmg totally hampeh bab jarum ngan benang nih!

  5. uncle lee, thanks, it meant to keep the lil ones warm ;) Malaysian house has too many airconds nowadays!!

    kak tek & aida, sy sokong aida, kalo kak tek pesan sekarang pon..memang sempat la cucu kak tek pakai, nak tunggu sy siap memang berjaman..hehehe...

    kak yong, knitting is the most artistic thing that i can do :P kalau melukis,orang lidi lepas la...

  6. aduhai Jeet... parcel dah sampai... alololo.. comeynya kasut tu... I like it very much! really appreciate it, I'll blog about that soonest!

  7. ala jeet, comelnyer.....
    nnti kalau ada expansion, i habaq kat u wokeh. nak gak merasa pakai satu...hehee

  8. omigod.. terlalu comel okay!!!
    babe, when r u coming to kl? takde spanish class takmo dtg kl ke? we haven't celebrate ur b'day!

  9. kak yong, glad that you like it ;)

    maya, no prob, mende-mende kecik xdak hal, bak kata aida, market for the lil ones :O

    dieya, nanti i balik kl i roger u ;) buka puasa sekali ka..apa ka..we celebrate june babies birthday in august, amacam? bole... :P


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