Monday, July 11, 2011

An Epic Journey

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah, I have attended this course over last weekend. It was my first time experience ever to attend a tafseer course. With my almost to none knowledge in Arabic, let alone tafseer studies, I can say that I learnt a lot in the 2 days. We covered the whole 111 ayat of Surah Yusuf. The lecture provides in depth analysis of the surah, and the lessons extracted from it. Some we can see right from the meaning of the ayat, but some takes deeper understanding and appreciation of the story (which we know it’s not just a story).

The course content also provides few distinct comparisons between few ulama’ and how and why it differs. It goes above and beyond of what I have expected. The constant reminder throughout the session was were there to worship Allah first and secondly learn, and I hope I met the objective. Subhanallah for the path that was opened for me to be in the course, albeit a short one.  Just from one surah, it shows how beautiful Islam is, for those who seek to know and understand. It’s a complete guide, comprising learnings to all walks of life. I hope I can share all, but it’s too much at one go.

InsyaAllah, I have the course binder with me, what I plan to do is capture parts of it and share with the rest of you from time to time. I hope Allah gives me the strength to do that. Hope we can all learn and apply the learning together, insyaAllah.

It was indeed, an epic journey.
The one I attended was in KL...could not find the KL poster :P


p/s: I know I have been going against my words about the challenge, truly sorry!!!


  1. wow.. must be an amazing experience. do share your new found knowledge! tambah pahala rejab :-)

  2. Jeet,
    Hey no need to be sorry at all as instead you're telling bout the course that you've attended. And yes do share with us :)

  3. alhamdulillah.. sejuk perut mokcik bila Jeet pilih aktiviti ni for weekends, sharing is caring, buleh lah share2 apa yg Jeet dapat kt sini dehhh...

  4. aminnnn...berkat weekend u Jeet.
    ppssttt...cepat ler share....tak sabar nak tuntut ilmu nie...

  5. dieya, it was indeed amazing, i macam jakun jugak la..and this has made me wanting to learn Arabic even more!! :)

    aida, sori lagi sebab the challenge sampai hari ni tertunda lagi..but..stay tuned... :h

    kak yong, sy pulak yang panas nak menge-share segala isi binder, insyaAllah... ;)

    maya, insyaAllah, harap berkat la ilmu yang kita akan bakal share sesame ye :b


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