Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly~~~

Nope, am not celebrating Navidad..;) I made this as a gift to a colleague who just had a baby boy last June. Yes, I am running behind on gifts, but what the heck hope the boy can still fit this.

Babies booties for Aziz, 100% garter stitch
I have not graduated from babies stuffs, am trying a new one this month, but still some small stuffs. I am having a tough time to do seed stitch, or any ribbing for that matter. If the pattern require only knit, or only purl then I can handle it. The moment they put the two together, I just can't figure out how to make it to the next row without adding new stitch. Well, am working on it, so maybe can expect something next year? hahaha....  

~this the season to be jolly..tralalalalalalalala....


  1. You stitch sendiri ke? Comelnya!! I feel like having kids now so you can make me one =)

  2. Jeet,
    nak order for my future kids bole ka? :P

  3. asma, yup, i buat sendiri (finally!!), definitely, when you have baby, i akan buat utk you ;)

    maya, takde masalah, bisa diatur dong ;)

  4. Jeet,
    Alahai.. kiutnye! Kalo derang suma nak order untuk anak, sy nak order untuk diri sendiri.. buleh? Size extra large tau. Haha!

  5. aida, nanti kita try buat sample for big babies like us, kalo turns out fine, i'll let you know ;)


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