Thursday, December 9, 2010

looking great smile 2010 contest by zainatun adilah

After not being tagged for quite some time, dieya finally poked me :)

As I mentioned to dieya, I normally senyum malu-malu kambing when it comes to photo. Since am still in walking down memory lane mood after yesterday's post, I took a look at some old photos. So I decided to go with this one.

with che' det
This was taken during the former Menteri Pendidikan, Dato Aziz Shamsudin's daughter's wedding. The reason we were there because VC of UiTM (Ibrahim Abu Shah) is the neighbour and asked us to do his friend (Dato' Aziz) a favour. We were asked to be the usher for the reception. This was in 2003/4 if I am not mistaken, ask the bride, she might still remember...hehehe...

More pics....
still could not stop smiling...;)

ngan tuan tanah..

with Pak Lah

last but not least..with raja & ratu sehari
The VIPS are people from all over the country, Sultan Azlan Shah & Raja Nazrin, Sultan Selangor, menteri-menteri kabinet. Dato Adnan (Menteri Besar Pahang) arrived late and they already shut the door, so he and wifey had to watch from outside. We were like jakun as we've never seen so many VIPS at one place!!

There it goes, the story of my life!!

Nak tag :
Kak Tek

Kalo sudi, sila la buat ;)

p/s: I was the one who approches Tun M and asked can we take a pics with him after some minor tussle with my friends ;) 
p/p/s: its not like we are super duper close with VC, but its easier for him to mobilise ROTUrian like us, than any other uniform body in UiTM..


  1. oooooh a pics with VVIP! classic!!!!!

  2. hehehe...xde pic lain yang boleh buat i senyum lebar camtu melainkan ngan tun M ;)

  3. apesai nama kaktek kaler meghah? ko perli ke haper?..
    yelah nanti kak tek jawab.. la ni sakit perut nk masuk opis takleh nak sonyum...

  4. Jeet,
    Amboi.. bestnye dia, dekat bebenor dgn Che Det. Nasib baik tak de gossip liar kan? :D

    * orait, nanti sy buat tag (payah nak cari gambo sendiri senyum lebar.. huhu!)

  5. Jeet,
    aik, apasal nama i kaler biru? hehehe
    nnti weekend i buat wokeh. nak carik gambar paling CUN skali dlm mini 'data centre' I.
    p/s: kalu i pun jakun. all under one roof tuuu...

  6. kak tek, automated la..sori ye..;) - xde perasaan keras - no hard feeling

    aida..uiks...jangan..kang sampai ladang gandum sape nak jawab? ;p huhuhu..

    maya, collection bnyk sgt la tu sampai kena buat search party ;)


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