Monday, December 27, 2010

Harimau Malaya - A Glimmer of Hope

By now the whole of Malaysia probably have known that the boys aced the game last nite. I was kinda watching it. Why kinda? because everytime I watched a live game, my favorite would lose, its a jinx, I could not explain it. On some rare occasion my favorite do win, but for last night, there were too much at stake, causing me to have enough courage just to flip in between channels during the commercial break.

Besides, its Grey's season finale last night, so yes, the excitement went a little bit overboard for 3 hours for me...hehehe... glad that the boys secured a safe win last night, and to seal the deal, they have no choice but to play defensively in Jakarta this Wednesday. Malaysian football had a great year this 2010. Lets hope we end the year with this one in our bag. InsyaAllah....


  1. Jeet,
    La.. saya lak terbalik. Kalo tak tengok fav. team main live, derang tak menang (cewah konon). So Grey's finished now? They are gonna make a new season or that was it?

  2. plak, so next time kalo sy nak sesapa menang cepat2 suruh aida tgk la ye ;) ha'ah dah conclude season 6, tapi macam tak conclude gak a..i think akan continue ke season 7.


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