Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hip Hip Hooraayy!!! (Malaysia 4 - Indonesia 2)

Finally!! Though Malaysia lost in the second leg final last night 1-2 to the host in Stadium Gelora Bung Karno last night, but we won on aggregate ;) The big margin win in Bukit Jalil helps a lot.

Actually, I did not watch a single kick last night. I totally forgot, olvidó por completo. I did my laundry, baked a very sour apple pie (lain kali taknak pakai Granny Smith dah..) and went to sleep by 10.30pm (normally 12pm-1am). I even watch 2 sinetron in the midst of all those.

I don't know why I totally forgot about the match. So the first thing I check this morning is the match results and alhamdulillah, we got it!! Malaysia Boleh!! I saw in one blog posting PM gave Friday as public gile....but hold on, it is public holiday in this company. Each time the PH falls on Saturday, we get the Friday as in-lieu.... well does that mean we will be getting the compensated PH on Monday? yeay!!! but still we need to get confirmation from HR.

The office is like slowly shutting down. I came in this morning and HAVE to open the door. Normally there would be like 2-3 person in the office by the time I reach here. And its totally empty now as two of my colleague went for breakfast.

This is a good ending to Malaysia for 2010 ;)


  1. i'm home!!!
    feliz año nuevo chica! i'm jet lagged, satu malam tak tido.. now baru ngantuk.. lepas subuh nak tido.. jajaja :-D

  2. welcome home ;) skarang marathon baca ur posting ;)


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