Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'll be there for you!!!

Back in UiTM, I had a group of very close friends, my diploma classmate to be exact. There are 10 of us, Ina, Pijah,Ecah,Yus,Azs,Sarah,Nisah, Ekin, Joe and me. They all lived in the same college and block, but I lived a bit further (due to my involvement in ROTU). Throughout my diploma years, I would spend end of semester days squating at their rooms. I'll be eating at their dining room with one of the roomates dining card. That went on for 3 years. We graduated in 2002. 

After diploma, only Sarah start work right away, the other 9 of us decided to do degree. Ecah, Nisah, Ekin and I went to do Chemical Engineering. Yus, Azs and Ina did Applied Chemistry and Pijah and Joe did Environmental Science. Sarah was the first one to get married. I remembered taking a ride in Yus's Kancil to Jengka to attend her wedding. Soon enough we graduated with our degree though not at the same time (we chem eng took the longest time..hehehe...)

What comes next is more marriage, first was Ecah, then Joe and Ekin (on the same weekend!!), then Ina,Pijah, Nisah and followed by latest Yus. So now only me and Azs are the singles. However as Allah has fated, the early bird might not necessary gets the earliest worms. In this case Joe and Ekin has been having problem conceiving. Even Pijah have the same issue, (Yus had her 1st baby last June). Sarah and Ecah have no problems. The kids must be like 4-5 years old now!! Ina is expecting her second one on my birthday next year, insyaAllah... ;)

I do not have the luxury to see the girls as often as I wanted. We are spread all over the nation, but we do keep in touch with SMS and calls (we are conventional, FB not really our thing). We never made a promise to be friends till the end, but somehow there is underlying understanding in between us. Like many girls friendship, ours has been tested (10 girls in same circle, you'll get girls fight, but thankfully it has never been about boys). Off and on we pour our hearts out to one another till today. 

Last night I got a call from Joe, she finally broke the news, she's 4 months pregnant!!! Alhamdulillah...she said that I am the second that she is telling, after Pijah. It turns out that Pijah is also 4-5 months pregnant already!! ;) The reason Joe told me after all this while is because she had a miscarriage earlier in her marriage and after that she was cautios when it comes to conceiving and all.

She even mentioned she had a hard time breaking the news to Pijah, its a sensitive topic as they both had issues. She was saying that "Aku ade berita gembira, tapi mungkin ko akan sedih..." to Pijah, I get what she means. And apparently Pijah was having the same dilemma to tell Joe. But somehow they both managed to let it all out and Alhamdulillah both have good news, Allah the Almighty....what two friends afraid the other might be hurt off, turns out to be a blessing to both of them.

Joe shared her 'nonsense' cravings and we really had a good laugh last night. She sounded so happy, even her sister who got married on the same day is expecting as well (twins lagi!!). The only thing is that she is still unsure how to break the news to Ekin...

After a while, its good to catch up, even if its just a phone call. I miss them, a lot!!!


  1. Jeet,
    Yup, it's a really great feeling to know deep inside our hearts that eventho we do not see our friends as we would like, they are still there. Vise versa.

    COngrats to both of your friends on their pregnancy. And hey, joy comes in all sorts of different ways.. so enjoy. :)

  2. aida, betul..rasa cam nak nangis masa dia ckp berita tuh ;)

    p/s: frens over the ocean pon apa kurangnya kan?

  3. And when it's your turn, your true friends akan nangis tumpang happy sama :)

    And yup, tak de kurangnya :)

    And (byk nye and) menjwb soklan psl Grey's. Sini tak tau la season baper, sbb dah lama tinggal and rasa tak syok kalo simply watch whatever episode. Nak ikut sequence (kena download) :D


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