Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Entry Rojak + Miracle Happens?

Malaysia got the first gold medal already!!! (or probably by now has added some more..)

I watched Magika last Sunday. Has always been a supporter to KRU bro's work (I wish Yusry is reading this..hahaha..) Not bad for a musical. Though I think some of the character is a bit over the top, but then again for musical is always like that right? But in the spirit of supporting Malaysian product, I am willing to bet my money on KRU's stuffs anytime over some Prof's work. Definitely worth it ;)
Some thing happen at work which I think is a miracle. You see, we have this pit stop planned starting yesterday till Wednesday. One of my scope is to do job A. For this job we need item B,C,D and E. We have all of them but quantity is not enough, and the worst part is item E, the main thing is not up to spec. So in order to get E up to spec we have to many things that will delay the work, and most likely not possible to do still. If we live without item E, we will incur loss come Q1 2011. Somehow miracle work its way, and warehouse people found item F, which is up to spec as item E but only smaller size, we decided to proceed with it anyway. Better than nothing. I am really hoping things work out well. Have to spend another night in control room...

Wish me luck!! Daa...


  1. kaktek minat mawi sebelum dia menang AF... dah menang, dia kayo dari laki kaktek, kaktek tak minat dah....

    diana pun tak minat sebab dia cun dari kaktek...

  2. xpe kak tek, sy nampak syasya n cikmat ade gaye leh lawan diana danielle ngan mawi, akak tak yah susah ati ;)

  3. best ek magika? i was thinking of watching it, tapi tak terpegi2. maklumlah bz. tunggu je laa keluar kat astro ria tahun depan.

  4. okla, boleh tahan, i have this habit yang tetiba beli tiket and terus tgk wayang sorang2 and so happen the ticks still available then (padahal pegi situ nak beli grocery je...hehehe...)

    so 'tertengok' la jadinya..


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