Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I was watching TLC few days ago, and when watching Bobby Chin strolled in between bazaar in Istanbul, I was reminded for umpteenth times of what I used to dream. I have  a set of wish list . This is some 3 years ago. There are things that I have never got to start, but there are things that I did which was not in the list (waka-waka for instance).

For the learning languages bit, am on track. For the traveling bit, yeah, not so much, especially when my money is already commited to something of longer term (20 years!!!) . One thing for sure the list is growing, and definitely I'll add on more to it. Now I have too many highlights of the weeks, but who's complaining? ;)


  1. omg how many blogs do you have exactly???

    anyway, on item (5)Bring my mom to holiday in Turkey - guess what, my mum has been asking (read: nagging!) me to bring her somewhere next year. i'm thinking turkey-greece around summer. im the time and $ permits laa kan. nak join?

  2. yang frenster blog, tp since am on blogspot, this one dah abandon lama dah...

    okla tu, its about time, mak-mak ni lagi seronok kalo anak bawak jalan, sure cerita dia satu tahun pon tak habis (i know my mom is like that ;p)

  3. Jeet,
    Wah.. minat sungguh belajo bahsa ye? Bila you and Dieya nak bukak kelas Spanish nih? Buleh saya resigter as the one and only student. Hehe!

  4. aida, minat gile..i used to pick kantonis just by watching HK TV series..hehehe...bukak kelas, satgi ngan cikgu ngan anak murid dok pi online translator, tak ke haru tu...


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