Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Ever After - I wish ;)

A friend is getting married, yet I could not attend because I have comitted to something earlier on. To make up for not being there on her big day, me and an officemate came up with this video, (she actually wanted to ask somebody else to do, pay $$) but we figured out it would be our honour to do that for her :)

Amacam? Can I have a second career in videography? Well, my friends did all the hardwork, I was responsible with the storyline (sort of).

This friend actually brought all the props during the pre-wedding photoshoot, as according to her most of the wedding photographers + studios only gave a pretty much commercialised packaged.
Good for her, I think the photos came out fine...

Wishing her and beau a lifelong happy marriage ;)

p/s: something wrong with my connection..can you play the video?


  1. lovely! i actually watched it with no sound (pasal takde headphone now) so macam tgk drama bisu, yet i still think it's sweet!

    nx yr buat video raya pulak ok!

  2. oo..you should listen to the music, so her :)

    video raya? nanti ade orang nangis..hehehe...


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