Monday, April 12, 2010

Planning Kicks Off!!

Last Friday and Saturday, I met with Ija and we have kicked off our planning stage. I did some reasearch before on places to go etc, but that is just a brief list. What we did on Sat was to detail out the itenary, plus the sequence of events (cheewah..macam nak plan Turn Around pulak...hehehe...)

We managed to complete 50% of the itenary plan. There are still lots of things to do. Just so that I would not missed anything, let me list it down here:

1.Flight tickets - checked
2.Accomodation - Confirmed with Zebra Crossing Backpackers, checked
3.Airport shuffle - checked
4.Visa - last I checked, no visa needed to enter South Africa, will double check and confirmed
5.Enrol for Travel Insurance - not done yet
6.Detail itenary - halfway done
7.Contact the places to go (if at all reservation needed) - will follow after the itenary completed
8.List of stuffs to bring - clothes, meds, memory cards, camera(s), sleeping bags?

What else...what else...I'll add on later. (*v*) V

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