Monday, April 12, 2010

Its either 50-50 or total 0!!

Oh.. I forgot to mention, updated game schedule says that I have a good shot of seeing either Spain or Portugal in the round of 16!! I may also not get to watch them, depends on their position in group stage.

Portugal in group G, Spain in group H. I will be watching Match 56, which states 1H vs 2G. So winner of group H versus the second place of group G. The other criss-cross match will be played a day earlier in Johannesburg (1G vs 2H). So maybe both of them will play there instead, I don't know. But the point here is only one of those (Spain and Portugal) is going to move past Round of 16!!. This is due to the group standings and by chance(really??) they are positioned so. This is not fair!! Or maybe my understanding is wrong? I don't know...

We shall see ...... ;)

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