Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letih la...

Letih betul dengan orang yang suka serang orang lain dalam email, and at the same time copy the whole world including your subordinates and bosess. What is he trying to prove? Understood that you want to 'help' the company, but can't you just shoot the mail to me and copy my boss? In case you scared that I won't respond. But why include others? To share the learning? or to publicly humiliate me?

You are suppose to share the learnings once all things has been sorted out, not during the argument took place. Or maybe you want their opinion, then why did you include them in CC, not in TO list?

The way I see it, this person wants to do two things, main thing is to 'help' the company. The ulterior motive, is yes, to make himself look smart, while others are just dumb-a** who just did not know how to do their work. Simply put. Sucker!!!

Mood: Tengah bengang giler......


  1. Azita,

    Yup, I have faced similar situations. Memang penat and muak dengan spesis2 sucker nih. Jenis nak panjat tangga.. abes kepala orang lain dipijaknye. Just stay cool and he will look stupid at the end.

    * dengan was2 berkata: kalo dah reda bengang tuh.. saya ada tag awak kat blog saya. kalo ada kesempatan.. tengok la ye :)

  2. the best solution is humiliate him back, cc the whole world... lolz

    btw, the author can't read chinese...

  3. Shin Loo: oooo...he's is somebody who is one level higher than I am, so later evaluation time, i'll be in very hot soup. and one more thing, this person (the one commented before you) left few comments before and all the time in chinese, doesn't matter what i say, the person keeps coming back...so i just leave the comment as it is, tried google translator, but it is simply direct translation, so i just let it be....;)


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