Friday, April 9, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth

I am very introvert, would not open up to new people. Am more vocal here in the cyberspace. I would only voice to people that I am comfortable with. And beneath my thin lips, more often than not, I may have hurt other people. Those who are close to me would know that I meant no harm, no pun intended.

I was in this thread in FB, all of it ex-ROTU gang an time after time we would say hi to each other and inform about the latest happening in our lifes. One of the guys just got married and he was sort of telling people how good it is to be married, and keeps on asking the juniors to quickly get married. If it is just one time, I don't think I would be very annoyed, but he keeps on repeating it and the tone of 'ke best-an' kahwin is more the *** part rather than marriage as a whole.

So me and my big mouth (or rather my itchy fingers), started responding to the thread...

There it goes, the commotion for the a way I feel bad having written all that, but I really feel that we should be constantly be reminded of the intention of marriage in the first place ;), at least from Islamic perspective.


  1. brava! i've always been tempted nak bagi sebijik kat those yg tak habis2 promote marriage as if it's the only goal in life, yet he/she doesn't even demonstrating the qualities of a good husband/wife. but as usual i refrained from doing so for the same reason - taknak the other person tu kecik hati.

    thank you for standing up for the truth!

  2. tu first i takut kalau i came across as rude, but nasib baik ade orang sokong, bukan ape, ppl nowadays treat marriage as and escape to having ***, but the real gist, not many understand, so jadi la bom-mengebom di cyber space =)

  3. bravo!! some ppl deserves it!

  4. i presume *** = sex... if that's the case i 100% agree with u... some ppl just disgust me and makes me wanna vomit...


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