Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yesterday we had a very heavy downpour in PD. Its started in the afternoon, very heavy rain followed by thunder.

I was waiting for the rain to ease down so that I can go back but untill 6.30 nothing much changed, so I decided to go back after all. Along my way back there were few places that the water level risen quite high, some almost to 1 ft.

I get onto the main road leading to my house only to realise that water has risen way too high and I could not turn anywhere as everywhere was filled with water. The road was flooded. There was another car in front of me, I shifted to gear 2 and I saw 3 cars stalled along the road. I was praying so hard that I will not be one of it. I can see streaks of lightning at the same time. Both of my knees were shaken, I was very nervous, I tried balancing on the accelarator and clutch. Finally I get to the safe area, but my knees just wont stop shaking.

I made it to home safely. This morning I turned on the engine, press the clutch, and I could get into gear 1. I know something is wrong somewhere, I turned off the engine. Damn...how am I supposed to go to work if I could not even get to gear 1?

I tried playing with the gear with the engine off, it moved just fine. So I decided to press the clutch, shift to gear 1 and start the engine. The car jerks a bit, but at least it can start. I have actually bypassed the system, not a good way to start the morning, the exhaust was emitting white smoke, which I have never seen before. I figured something is wrong with either my clutch of anything, I don't know about engine, but I guessed this is the after effect of driving through the almost 2ft deep water.

Managed to get to office but I have to spend time to get my car checked. Not sure if I get off fine this time.

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