Thursday, November 19, 2009

I was this close to having heart attack...

Portugal not in for SA yet, they have to play with Bosnia for the play off. I watched the repeat of the first leg few days before and Bosnia did give a good run for their money. Man, they were almost on the verge of getting an equaliser at the very last minute.

There was one attempt when the one Bosnian player shoot, it hits the post bounce back to another Bosnian player, tried the second shot, only to be saved by again, the post. I almost had cardiac arrest watching that. Portugal won 1-0 but the second leg will be tough, and they will be playing in Bosnia. As much as I want to support fellow Muslim (if at all the Bosnian players are) my heart goes to Portugal long long time ago. Enough about the qualifiers, lets talk about my planning.

My first choice for accomodation is Penthouse on Long. The pics looks very nice, but I have been procrastinating the booking, they are not able to accomodate 3 of us for the one week. So I have confirmed my booking with the second choice, Zebra Backpackers, although the name is not at vogue as Penthouse on Long, the pics are quite OK, and the price was good too. So I book the 3 bed/ room for the 3 of us.

Tentative date is from 28th June to 4th July. I have confirmed tickets for :

  • 29th June 2010 : Match 56 20:30 and
  • 03rd July 2010 : Quater final 16:00
Am so excited, am praying hard I can go there, no hiccups InsyaAllah...
Flight is a bit of uncertain for now. One month back I surveyed, MAS still the cheapest, but then last week when I re-check the flight is no longer there...wth??? I am hoping next year, there will be MAS travel fair and I can get good bargain.. Insyaallah... :)

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