Monday, November 16, 2009


Knitfreak finally learns to knit ;) yay!!!! I was in this mentoring session previous week and the mentor was wearing two gorgeous knitwear, and since she's a 'minah saleh' I figured probably she knits it herself :) So I asked. it turns out she bought the two tops, but she actually can knit!!!

So I started rambling about my non-existence knit adventure, kind off, how I bought 2-3 books but never really understood how to knit a simple line..hehehe...and she was generous enough to offer some free lessons. So the next day after lunch she helps me picks up a suitable yarn for my level (obviously beginner..hehehe..) and she taught me how to make slipknot, casting on, knit and purl.

Shown above is my first attempt to knitting, and that is the purl side ;)

Basically if you know how to knit and purl, you can learn the rest on your own. And this is my first ever 'sifu' at knitting. She is our consultant in Process Safety, based in The Hague, but she's originally came from Nova Scotia, Canada where there are lots of fisherman, and according to her, even her husband knows how to knit, coolll :)

I have started to learn few patterns, have not taken any pics yet. Will update tomorrow.
p/s: I think I can make a scarf now...hehehe...a bit ambitious, I know... :p


  1. pas ko success buat sehelai baju kait utk diri sendiri nnti....ko buatkan ler utk andy lak (kalo rajin)...heheheee.....nnti aku jadik pelanggan setia ko ek!

  2. uikss....baju sendiri, alamak macam tinggi cecita aku..hehehe...
    tula nak start ngan benda kecik dulu,
    tunnnggggguuuuu.......hehehe ;)

  3. coolness...nanti teach me k...I wanna knit a scarf for myself! hehe


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