Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday mail

MU lost to Liverpool last weekend and first thing that I read this morning when I logged in was the whole strings of football fan mail from my ex-Chem Eng classmate:
Here goes:

From Amin
Ello geng, aku xkire la korg kate benda nie dah basi ker ape ker.. aku xkisah.. tp aku nk tulis n share gak benda nie ngn korang……

From Omar
En. Amin dan sekalian LiverFOOL's Fan. Something to think about.

From Kumin
Pergh…. Ko memang best encik omar… By the way, last season pun Man U kalah both game against LiverFool…, but still menang jugak EPL… nothing to lose.... ahaaaksss….

From Amin
Whutever la En omar + En kumin,

25/10/2009 LIVERPOOL 2- MU SUCKS 0… still lose………………..ahaks!
From Omar
Why do pigeons fly upside down in Liverpool?
Because there's nothing worth shitting on.
What's long, scouse and goes round corners? The dole queue.
What do you call a scouser in a white shellsuit?The bride.
What do you call a scouser in a suit?The defendant.
What does a Liverpool fan do after watching his team win the Champion League?
Turns his Playstation off and gets into bed.

From Sairol

Dear friends,

Please stop this gibberish immediately.


From Amin
Omar, terima jer la kekalahan MU tuw.. keh keh keh….. Nah attached gambo tuk kenangan korang…:)
Sairul.. sorry yer.. hehehehehe….

From Amir
Sian…muka seposen je dlm pic tu….bg lah % mcmana oun..MU tetap kalah…arsenal duk diam ye…bkn slalu bertelagah dlm email ni…skali-segala je kan….

From Amin
Ehh mane ade bertelagah la btul tak En Omar, kiter just keep in touch jer.. kang kater xde keep in touch plak.. hahahahha…….
From Omar
To En. Amin. Betul Betul Betul. Kalau tak reply email ada yang kata sombong+angkuh+bongkak+takkabur+lupadaratan+riak dan yg sewaktu denganya. Dah email kena Gibberish pulak. Sorry Yer. Tapi En. Amin yang patut bertanggungjawab sebab mulakan email panas ni hehehehe Pagi2 sebelum start keje best juga layan email mcm nie. Betul tak En. Kumin? Cuba cari dimanakah En. Amin dalam gambar ni?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a football fan although am not a die hard fan for any team. What intrigues me was I learnt two things from this emails:
  1. Scoucers
  2. Gibberish : garbage, rubbish, nonsense...etc you get the point!!

Everyday is a learning day... :)

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