Monday, October 5, 2009

SA 2010 planning update

Raya is over, so is kenduri and my SA fund has been affected quite badly because of the celebration. So now my immediate action is to re-fill the fund so that I can enjoy SA as I planned!! Updated budget to set aside for a month is freaking RM1000!!! banyak tu.. I would have to forgo a lot.. (new novel,DVD,karaoke furniture for SP house have to be put on hold jugak ni..)

Haish..tu la raya tak ingat, spending not so wisely and now paying for the consequences. Shaz and Ija ape cite? I'll follow up later. Am finalising the accomodation places. So far there is 2 or 3 places that offers the price within my budget. But some still have not published the World Cup season price yet.

Check this out!!! - awaiting the WC rate - confirmed WC rate already, and I thought the place looks good and decent - confirmed WC rate, another decent place - awaiting WC rate.
So now finalising among these 4...

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