Monday, October 5, 2009

For you a thousand times over...

I bought it sometime in 2008, it was tucked in between many more unread books not so neatly arranged in a box in my store. I do not have a decent shelf to display it and maybe that is why I have totally forgotten about it. This year I made an attempt to start reading again. Eversince I started working, I can't barely even finish a book in less than 10 seatings. I will caught myself going back to the pages that I have read.

So I started off with The Diary of Anne Frank, a literature book that was discussed by other class back when I was in Form1, my class did some other books which I could not remember now. Same case with the diary, I kept on going back to the same page the next time I picked up the book, and then I decided to change to this one, The Kite Runner, I missed the chance to see the movie with a friend, conflicting schedule, so I sat and read.
I stopped when I have something to do, this is before Ramadhan. The book follows me to KL and later SP last Raya, I still have not managed to finish it. And at finally, last weekend I've read it all. What has taken me so long to read it? I figured probably because the story is so strong and many of the small details that depicts Afghanistan were beautifully written, and therefore I took time to dive into the words, and also took time to feel the emotions of each character.

It has been quite some time that I have read an emotionally binding book and this is yet by far the best that I have read. I know I may be way left behind since this book was published in 2003, but its better late than never right?

For you a thousand times over.....

p/s: there'a a mentioned of Malaysia towards end of the book, although I don't know whether what he says is true or false ;p


  1. Don't worry I have not read it! nak pinjam!! :D

  2. bole, i'll bring the book next we meet ;)


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