Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Saga

Nope, this one not on national TV or in Astro. This one is LIVE. I have mentioned before that we (my siblings and I) are not close to the family on fathers side. Reason? they are not the nicest people (you can't choose your relative right?), especially my father's younger brother,S.

Even when they were small, he always bullied my father and the fact that my late grandma loves him more than my father, does not help either. He always have this power over my father and my father is kind of afraid of him. So, I received a call from my mom last night and she told me that my father had went back to his hometown and S took his car away and demand that my father settle a sum of money that my father owed to one of their relatives (my father owed somebody else, not S). He threathen to hold on to my father's old car until the debt is settled.

I was furious, I asked my mom to call police immediately. My father, of course 'love' his brother and wants none of this to go as far as to the police. I insist on reporting anyway. My aunt (father's younger sis) tried to help and asked S to return the car back but he refused. OK, game ON!!! I called police and lodge a report.

The police called home and asked my father to lodge official report at the station. My father was still trying to be nice and my mum made him go back to his hometown in the middle of the night to get back the car. A neighbour accompanied him there. I gave until this morning, if I did not hear anything, I will go and make official report here in PD.

Mom called this morning and told me that my father managed to bring back the car. S always do this since he was young, extort my father's money in some kind of way. Well back then I was small and knows nothing. Now he has to face ME. There is no way I am going to let him bully my family ever again, over my dead body.

I did sent a very strong message to my aunt warning them not to pull this kind of tricks again, else they will be in BIG trouble. Mess with me and you'll pay for the consequence!!!!

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