Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now They Know...

It's been on the news (CNN) for the past few days. Its about the 2 lady journalist that faced 12 years jail time with hard work in North Korea for illegally entering the country's border. Little did I know that one of the ladies is Lisa Ling's sister. Lisa is Oprah's correspondence in her show.

It was potrayed quite oftenly in movies, mass media and any other medium that Americans thought they could get away with anything. By claiming that they are Americans!!!
Numerous comments that came in after the news said that the ladies were asking for it. Truly agree. Not all nations are due to bow to America and its foreign policy and North Korea is not one of it.

Well I think its a good lessons to people in general to respect other countries and their boundaries. Its fair that they are being jailed for tresspassing. NK does not have the open door policy as US and even then US are so paranoid of Muslim guys having beard, have some sort of Muhammad or Ahmad in their name. The moment you fit the profile, surely you will never get entrance visa to the country, let alone do anything associated with US of the A.

Americans have long way to go in terms of respecting others, and looking at the population, White House has to have some kind of Masterplan to ensure its citizen understood and respect other countries boundary.

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