Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Corner Lot Home ;)

I bought a house in SP and it was not a corner lot. However the developer messed up the calculation, and there was like 21 ft of extra land next to my house. Mind you, they have already constructed the proper road and drain next to it. And after the drain, there is a slope that borders with some other people's property.So in the end, they could not built another unit on the land.

This was how it looks in 2007.

My first reaction is trying to explore whether or not the developer is willing to sell off the land. They said NO, probably there will be future developement. At that time they only allowed us to put up temporary fence (those green wired fence).

Not more than a year later, in 2008 they allowed us to build proper fence (brick wall and all those stuffs).

So we started asking around for quotation. One contractor came back with budget estimate almost RM 18K!!! We don't have that much money. And plus we want to look different, we want it to be sort of white picket fence kinda style and no decent contractor is willing to do that.

Somehow we got lucky, apparently one on the contract workers were looking for extra pocket money and claimed that he can do the fence as we wants, at RM2K (minus the raw material cost) . In the end total cost was only ~RM4K. I'll update the pictures later, I love it, although it is not white yet, its rainy season in SP now and we could not complete the paint job yet.

And bigger news yet to come, last week the developer called me and they wants to sell off the land!!! Total area is 21 X 70 = 1470 square ft. Selling price is RM 15/sqrft, which I think is quite reasonable. Total is RM 22050. I don't have that much cash!!!! Now I need to apply for personal loan...sigh...but then it will be worth it ;)

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