Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Coming...

After many ding-dong, schedule differment, finally I'm going. Its pretty much confirmed (InsyaAllah).

It all started in 2007. Me and a friend (Asma) were just planning on our next trip, and we figured it really is high time for us to do this. So we started looking for suitable dates, we targeted March 2008. Two of her colleagues wanted to join, great!! Now its 4 of us. Somehow, from 4 we become 3, and 3 down to 2. Work was on their way.

So back to me and Asma, it was already mid 2008 and we still do not have any plans. In the midst of hectic schedule, we target Q2 2009. I managed to find a rather cheap package for us, scheduled for mid May, coming back end May. At this time it did not occured to me that I was missing AI finale but that is besides the point.

Paid the deposit in Feb 09. Come April, we were supposed to hand in all related documents for visa application, but somehow I missed the dateline. And then the travel agent told us they have to hike up the price (they claimed Airlines are increasing ticket price-> while at the same time oil price is dropping, ya..ha..!!)

To make things worse, Asma is down with dengue fever and was bedridden. She would not be able to make it for the trip. I am not willing to give up. Went back to the agent, still trying my luck to see whether or not I can still make it. The only available seat was on end May. I quickly agreed. Return back that night I still could not settle for end May, something is not right....

My mind was racing back and forth trying to put things together, end May, coming back mid June....NO...I have two weddings to attend in that 2 weeks, this will not work. The package for mid June was way above my budget. Still not giving up, first thing the next morning I tried my luck at other agency. Finaly managed to find one, mid June, cheaper price. So I canceled my earlier booking, paid deposit and quickly hand over my documents for processing.

Just this week I heard rumours that visa issuance is stopped due to H1N1, what?? One of my senior colleague is also going early June and he said that it was not true. The news comes form BBC, not from the embassy. So I hope all is fine, I hope I get to go, where to? So might have guessed right, but will tell more when I come back. ;)

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