Friday, October 14, 2016

Whats Up?


Sebulan satu post je...? Hahaha..sedih weh.. dulu-dulu (like 4-5 years back) I blogged almost everyday, and so does my other blogger friends. Hidup rasa warna-warni waktu tu sebab hari-hari ada update macam-macam cerita. Sekarang...? sendu.. haha.. The same gang yang gigih ber-blog sama2 dulu dah mostly tenggelam. I missed Aida with her gorgeous pictures, Dieya with her travel adventures, Kak Yong with her daily stories about dak Ammar, Alisya, Kak Tek dengan cerita anak-anak dan Abe Gapo.

Miss all of them. I guess its life. We moved on and other priorities supersedes blogging, and in my case, malas nak mams...hehe.

For the past month, many things has happened. One of which, I have to travel back due to some family emergency. One week in and out. Super efficient this time, tak buang masa kat London dah..hahaha... (boleh pon straight to the point balik rumah, saja ja nak melencong selalunya tu..) :P

And I will be back to KL again in December for 3 days. (Gilo ko?) hehehe.. when your best friend is getting married, you'll get all kinds of crazy! Shaz will be tying the knot, insyaAllah in December. We discussed about that during our London-Scotland trip and we aimed Feb 2017 initially so that I can take longer leave to attend the wedding. (Dia punya wedding dah apa hal kena ikut kalendar ko? hehehe..)But somehow dah jodoh kan, dipercepatkan ke December.

So happened I already plan a trip in November to home country of KBB, but of course not with him la, with my primary schoolmate and 2 of her friends. Trip is scheduled to end at the same date of Shaz's wedding. So I have to cut short my trip, fly balik Malaysia and attend the wedding, and crazy as it seems, I actually like it! (Suka kan buat kerja gila camni...hehehe)

I've arranged for henna session for us girls. I super love inai, so what is a wedding without inai? Gigih tau cari henna artist yang available at that time. Almaklumlah, peak season, December, semua tengah musim kahwin, and these people normally are booked way in advance. Alhamdulillah dapat jugak satu. Just hope that the majlis will go smoothly.

I am trying to re-ignite my blogging mojo. Doakanlah..haha.

Till next time, wassalam..

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