Monday, October 31, 2016


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Have you ever made some one that is so kelam-kabut, so all over the place and at the same the same time very aggressive? Have you? I have, every single day. Its my dear boss. Sakit hati betui. Kita dah explain, but since he refuse to hear and understand, he said that he didn't have any knowledge of it. Depan2 kita dia p cakap lagu tu. Mendidih la.. last2 I just ignore the discussion and put on my head phone. He continued discussing with my colleagues on other topics.

Luckily I did not raised my voice, I just make faces, when I'm crossed, that part is obvious no matter how much I want to control my anger. Muka memang tak boleh blah.

After things has cooled down, I went over to talk to my boss about other things. My emotion has been normalized and his edginess seems to have subsided. Turns out there are few things on his plate that of Urgent and Important that seems to be not quite together this morning. On top of that we are having some restructuring exercise right now, and he is bogged down by resume screenings, interview, the whole enchilada, even for other departments. So I can imagine the level of stress that he is having right now.

Ok, I've calmed down and he even apologize for being a bit jumpy this morning. So its all good now. Haih.. drama pagi-pagi Senin ni.

Ikutkan hati, I wanted to leave this corporate world. I really do. But fikir-fikir balik, my family depends on me and I am still afraid to venture on my own. Kurang keyakinan (or is it malas?) hehe.. Boleh kot, if push comes to shove, I think I can survive outside O&G industry. Cumanya la ni dah selesa earning and spending :D

Sapa nak bagi ai fixed income every month? Kalau meniaga sendiri mahu la tiap2 bulan dok pening buat cash flow...So seriously kena kick myself in the back once in a while supaya bersyukur dengan kerja ni. I am not at a point I hate my job. No, I still very much like my job, and looking forward to more adventures, cumanya ya lah..kadang-kadang down jugak.

Oklah, very much looking forward to my trip 23 days from now!!! Now that justify the job. Dingo (my neighbour, one of the kuyas) keep on asking me, "Remind me again, why do we have to work?" and my standard answer would be "So that we can go on holidays". That should be it!

Till next time, wassalam.

p/s: I've not watched the last week's Suri Hati Mr Pilot. Nak kumpul tengok terus 8 episod this weekend, dah nak habis kan.. my way of delayed gratification (just learned this phrase ..hehehe) . Apa kena mengena pon tak tau :P

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