Friday, February 14, 2014

Blog vs Instagram

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh....

I guess as it is for the rest of the things in the world, the social media also has its trends of ups and downs. Lately (last 1-2 years) blogging is no longer the in thing. I myself didn't share as much as I should in this blog. More hip and trendy (not to mention quick too) medium of sharing is Instagram, but it comes with few limitations.

I think I am more wordy that picture based, but nonetheless I was bitten by the IG bug as well...hehehe..

I have been using Instagram since 2012. One of the things that I like is there are tonnes of people out there that came up with the photo challenge (ala blog dulu pon ada jugak 30 days blogging challenge..) and I have yet to properly managed to finish a complete one month challenge properly.

This month, I've decided to join yet another photo challenge by FatMumSlim #fmsphotoaday. To add more spice to it, I added on my own hashtag #anayahaday (an ayah a day). That is my effort to at least look up one ayat in the Quran, regarding the photo that I posted. Until today, I am 4 post behind..hahahaha.. (typical me!!)

My plan is to do round up of 5-10 pics on the blog and utilizing this platform to delve deeper into all those ayat :)

For today, I'll just share my first 10 pics of the challenge. The detail #anayahaday will come later.

AnNahl : 69

Ali Imran : 191

At-Tawbah: 34

At-Taghabun : 15

Al-Maidah : 90

Az-Zukhruf : 13-14

Al-An'am : 141

Al-Anbiya' : 30

Surah Sad : 43

Al-Baqarah : 152
Setiap gambar ada cerita..bak kata tungguuuu.....

Wassalam :)


  1. assalam Jeet
    How r u? and how is Nigeria? (psst...tanya weathernya aje bukan hal politik, ahaks).
    How time flies tup2 you dah berada nun jauh diperantauan... I would say semangat you kuat dan amat kental. Semoga dipermudahkan selama you berada disana.

    *whisper* You pun smitten by IG? hehehe... (gelak penuh makna)

    1. salam CS, yes indeed, I am, udah tiap2 hari menengok kadang-kadang :) am settling fine here, so far alhamdulillah..ade la hiccups here and there but all in, its ok..

      thanks for the doa CS, can i have you username for IG..udah stalk orang, CS mesti ada account jugak kan..hehehe...

  2. Hello Jeet, been a long time. How you doin'? Can see you clocking up air milage. And love the pics. You looking good.
    Terima kaseh for remembering me....
    You have a great year of the horse, and keep a song in your heart.

    1. hello uncle, am fine, thank you. how can i forget you uncle, the blogging world is a bit sunyi without you. do keep in touch ya.. :)

  3. Adinda Jeet...
    how r you? bertabahlah hati ye Jeet nak ngapdet blog ni, sejak ada insta gitulahhhh dianya! next entry nak dengo n belajo bahasa Nigeria from Jeet plak! hehe

    1. kak betul..rasa berat nau nak menaip..padahal banyak je citer nak share... satu hari 2-3 post pon boleh lepas...hehehe..

      saya belum start belajar bahasa dorang..since sini semua ckp omputih..ngan saya2 malas nak explore...tengok la nanti, kalau ada.. :)


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